Mast & Mosir! What a delight!

Sometimes when we have some kind of kebab or another barbeque dish, I serve Mast O Mosir as an accessory. What is Mosir? Persian mosir is a special type of shallots – not the one you can buy in grocery stores but allium stipitatum. Never seen fresh ones in Sweden but dried mosir is available in all Middle East stores (see picture below). A good thing to have at home. Its area of use is many. It is simply a mixture of onion and garlic, with the advantage that you will not smell garlic! Continue reading “Mast & Mosir! What a delight!”

Dressing mixture with many uses! PoP!


My son Patrick is very fond of a special dressing called Ranch dressing or Farmardressing as we call it in Sweden. Over the years, we have bought semi-manufactured products from the US but most are quite tasteless. During Christmas holidays a few years ago, Patrick and I experimented freely. After many attempts, we finally created a very good dressing. The best thing is that our PoP (Pakizeh & Patrick) dressing as we call it at home is a dressing that lasts for a long time as it includes only dry ingredients. The mixture can also be used with dips, cold sauce for BBQ dishes or even a “dry rub” for meat or chicken. I promise you, you will not regret making it!

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