Pullum Parthicum

The most straightforward, tastiest, and juiciest chicken I have ever made!

This recipe has a few hundred years on its neck; the recipe initially comes from the first cookbook published in Rome – 10 A.D. the author was Marcus Gavius ‚Äč‚ÄčApicius’ and the book: De re coquinaria (of culinary significance). Pullum Parthicum means chicken from Parthia, which is the current northeastern part of Iran. Lovage and Asofetida were spices that came to Rome from Parthia – hence the name. Continue reading “Pullum Parthicum”

Tikka Masala – my way

I love Tikka Masala and I usually order it when we visit an Indian restaurant. I decided to do it myself as the Corona-virus restricts us all right now. The food itself does not take that long to cook, but it is advantageous if you marinate the chicken overnight or at least for 3-4 hours. I let it marinate in the fridge overnight. And just by changing a few things you can actually make this dish all vegetarian! Continue reading “Tikka Masala – my way”

My Persian minced turkey Pie

Visited Ingelsta Kalkon in Stockholm not so long ago, we were going to put in an order for a party hosted by my brother-in-law. We seized the opportunity to have lunch there. Ordered turkey pie, it was so good that I thought: I must try and make this when I get home! Had all the ingredients at home, as I imagined I just had to make my basic meat sauce and then roll it into puff pastry. Said and done. I froze the pies individually and forgot all about it. Continue reading “My Persian minced turkey Pie”