Quiche Lorraine

Quiche is never wrong! Wonderful lunch or even a light dinner. Incredibly tasty despite few ingredients. The classic quiche calls for smoked bacon. Here I have replaced the smoked bacon with ordinary bacon and smoked ham. It’s not diet food with cream, bacon, and lots of eggs, but it is incredibly tasty. In standard cases, you make a simple egg filling, but here I mix in some flour in the egg filling, which makes the mixture slightly firmer. Suitable for the quiche is a simple green salad with a tasty dressing. Continue reading “Quiche Lorraine”


A favorite dish here at our house is Lasagna. I like to experiment but it doesn’t suit our sons! It must taste like it always has. Remember once when I really made everything from scratch, even the pasta. I then experimented with some saffron in the meat sauce. Well, I didn’t have to wait long for my eldest son’s comment: – you have had something Persian in this! It was good, and they enjoyed it despite the saffron. Lesson learned: never change a successful recipe!   Continue reading “Lasagna!”

My Persian minced turkey Pie

Visited Ingelsta Kalkon in Stockholm not so long ago, we were going to put in an order for a party hosted by my brother-in-law. We seized the opportunity to have lunch there. Ordered turkey pie, it was so good that I thought: I must try and make this when I get home! Had all the ingredients at home, as I imagined I just had to make my basic meat sauce and then roll it into puff pastry. Said and done. I froze the pies individually and forgot all about it. Continue reading “My Persian minced turkey Pie”