Joje kebab or Persian chicken skewers

It is always nice to have joje kebab oor chicken skewers as it is called in Swedish. The Persian way to prepare the chicken is incredibly easy and the result is very good. The best thing is to let the chicken marinate overnight but you can also get it done by 4 – 5 hours. The accessories are Persian rice, grilled tomatoes, salad Shirazi and of course mast o mosir. Continue reading “Joje kebab or Persian chicken skewers”

Whitefish steak (Kokoye mahi sefid)

The Persian New Year (Norooz) dinner is a must! It consists of Whitefish that is served together with Persian herb rice, grilled tomatoes, spring onion etc.

But this year I wanted to renew the dish a little bit – so I decided to make steaks (or burgers) made of smoked whitefish, it was amazingly delicious! It is also easy to make.
If you want more crunchiness you can add chopped walnuts or whole pine nuts. If you want some more acidity in the steaks you can add some berberis. I did not use nuts nor Berberis since in my opinion the breading gives enough crunchiness and the acidity is achieved by serving lemon wedges with the dish. Continue reading “Whitefish steak (Kokoye mahi sefid)”

Carrot Frittata

On Saturday I was craving something with carrots – it had to be easy to make! This is indeed very easy to make and so delicious! You can either fry it in rings of peppers or as I also tried to cover both sides with bread crumbs, personally I prefer the latter. It is all vegetarian but not vegan, you can easily make it vegan if you replace the eggs with vegan options.  Continue reading “Carrot Frittata”

Eggplant gratin

Eggplant gratin tastes almost like poetry!
This dish was created with inspiration from all Persian cookbooks I read. I just love aubergines in all shapes and always have a few at home. Now there was only one left in my fridge and I was hungry. Picked up all the ingredients that I could think of fit together and sim sala bim I got a little grating that was incredibly good.  Continue reading “Eggplant gratin”