My version of Indian Dahl

All vegetarian delicious dish, easy and quick dish.
There are at least 15 different Dahl in India, I have watched countless YouTube clips and read countless recipes, this is my version of Indian Dahl with lentils. In normal cases you use red or yellow lentils, here I have chosen to do it with green lentils that I happened to have at home.
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Kalops – Swedish Beef Stew

Swedish home cooking at its best!
Most households in Sweden make Kalops once in a while, I dare say! Here at home, Grandma Bojan made the best Kalops and it is from her that I learned how to make this wonderful dish in an old-fashioned way. It is also incredibly easy to make, a little preparation and then low and slow cooking. Continue reading “Kalops – Swedish Beef Stew”

Basic meat sauce

When our children were younger, like their mother, they were just “picky” with their food. With ”picky” children you have to become creative in the kitchen, it is that simple. Had and still always have ready to go meat sauce in the freezer, usually, I cook it with turkey meat but you can use the meat of your choice, the procedure is the same.

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