Persian Herbed Rice with white fish (Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi)

Well, today is the Persian New Year, Norooz! I have blogged about the Persian New Year earlier, but now I want to tell you about the day’s typical menu. The menu consists of tasty herbed rice with white fish as the symbol of abundance. It is an easy and an excellent combination. Continue reading ” Persian Herbed Rice with white fish (Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi)”

Fika – made in Sweden

Stina Almroth has written a book about the Swedish treasure – Fika – made in Sweden.

Introducing my guest blogger:
Just recently, my dear newly found old acquaintance friend Stina Almroth published a book about the Swedish tradition of fika. It is a beautiful book containing anecdotes that explain the deep meaning and importance of this very Swedish tradition of fika. I am honored that she has chosen to be my guest blogger today. The book has already won awards: Swedish winner of Gourmand Award in the “Coffee” category.

The book is also the winner in the category “Ceremonial meals” in the Meal Academy’s competition 2020. At the end of this post, you will find information about ordering the book worldwide and in Sweden.  Continue reading “Fika – made in Sweden”

Persian New Year – Norooz


Brief History:

Persian new year is called Norooz (can also be spelled Nowruz, Nawroz, Noroz), which marks the arrival of the spring. No means new and Rooz means day.

Norooz has been celebrated for thousands of years in Iran and Central Asian countries formerly belonging to the ancient Persian Empire. Today, Norooz is the world’s only event celebrated at exactly the same time all over the world.  The celebration is not linked to religion and is based on the spring equinox, many claim the celebrations around Norooz and call it, for example, the Bahai New Year. But the Bahais originate in Iran and that is why they celebrate the Persian New Year – not because they are Bahais! We Iranians do not like to have the festivities linked to a religion. The Kurds also call it for the Kurdish New Year – even this is wrong – they celebrate Persian New Year because they have their roots in the old Persian Empire! Nothing else.

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