Persian Herbed Rice with white fish (Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi)

Well, today is the Persian New Year, Norooz! I have blogged about the Persian New Year earlier, but now I want to tell you about the day’s typical menu. The menu consists of tasty herbed rice with white fish as the symbol of abundance. It is an easy and an excellent combination. Continue reading ” Persian Herbed Rice with white fish (Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi)”

Fish soup

I really love fish but more than 30 years ago I ate bad fish at a trendy restaurant in Gothenburg, after that, I avoided eating fish at restaurants.

Anyway, I’m more than happy to eat seafood here at home. One of my absolute favorites is the fish soup that contains everything I like. It does not take a long time to cook either. Some preparation is needed: chop the vegetables, cutting the fish, measuring the seasoning, etc. – but the cooking itself takes no more than 30 – 35 minutes. Continue reading “Fish soup”

Whitefish steak (Kokoye mahi sefid)

The Persian New Year (Norooz) dinner is a must! It consists of Whitefish that is served together with Persian herb rice, grilled tomatoes, spring onion etc.

But this year I wanted to renew the dish a little bit – so I decided to make steaks (or burgers) made of smoked whitefish, it was amazingly delicious! It is also easy to make.
If you want more crunchiness you can add chopped walnuts or whole pine nuts. If you want some more acidity in the steaks you can add some berberis. I did not use nuts nor Berberis since in my opinion the breading gives enough crunchiness and the acidity is achieved by serving lemon wedges with the dish. Continue reading “Whitefish steak (Kokoye mahi sefid)”