English Muffins

When we are out of homemade bread in the USA during our visit, the best option is English muffins. We are really Blessed in Sweden when it comes to the variety of good bread, this is not really the case in the USA in general. You do not even need to have an oven to make these wonderful muffins. The following recipe is enough for 6 muffins, depending on how large you make them. The shape I cut out muffins with is 8 cm in diameter (3 inches). If you use larger shapes you get fewer muffins. Continue reading “English Muffins”


In Sweden, everyone is convinced that naan is from India! But we Iranians firmly claim that naan is from Iran. Naan in Farsi (Persian language) means literally bread. Let us put the arguments about origin aside and just agree upon the fact that naan is incredibly delicious! One should preferably have a stone oven, but who has that? Not me anyway. I invested instead in a Gas burner and it works just fine! Continue reading “Naan”