Celebration of Winter Solstice in Iran (Shabe Yalda)!

Here is my interpretation of the special nut and dried fruit blend for Shabe Yalda. Fruits etc., will be purchased the day before!

No one who has been in power in Iran has succeeded in changing the culture of ancient Iranians! Neither the various warlords nor Islam. Continue reading “Celebration of Winter Solstice in Iran (Shabe Yalda)!”

Fika – made in Sweden

Stina Almroth has written a book about the Swedish treasure – Fika – made in Sweden.

Introducing my guest blogger:
Just recently, my dear newly found old acquaintance friend Stina Almroth published a book about the Swedish tradition of fika. It is a beautiful book containing anecdotes that explain the deep meaning and importance of this very Swedish tradition of fika. I am honored that she has chosen to be my guest blogger today. The book has already won awards: Swedish winner of Gourmand Award in the “Coffee” category.

The book is also the winner in the category “Ceremonial meals” in the Meal Academy’s competition 2020. At the end of this post, you will find information about ordering the book worldwide and in Sweden.Ā  Continue reading “Fika – made in Sweden”