Pickled turnips my way


Easy and delicious pickled turnips. Enjoy it with falafel or whatever you are eating :)).

I am fond of pickles; planning to have Egyptian falafel in a week, and then I want to serve this pickle with it, usually served with falafel. There are many recipes, but I have chosen to do it my way. It takes about a week for the pickle to “mature,” then it lasts for a maximum of 5-6 weeks. So it’s probably not a risk to me – I’ll probably eat it before the time has expired. In the Middle East, they call this pickle Kabees El Lift or lift mukhalal muhalla (sweet turnips in vinegar); here, I call it the pickled turnips. Worth trying! You can serve it with most dishes if you like pickles. The correct name in Iran would be Torshiye Shalgham.

They have a saying in Lebanon, “her face is whiter than the inside of a turnip.” Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Here in Sweden, we try to get as much sunburn as possible, and in other countries, it’s better to be as white as possible. So why are we never satisfied?

3 Turnip (650 grams approx.)
1 beetroot (medium-sized)
1 celery broth (excluded)
2 bearings
3 tablespoons salt
1 dl white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar
3 large garlic cloves
3 tablespoons honey (can be excluded)
1 tablespoon chili or red pepper flakes
6.5 dl of water


  1. Boil half of the water with salt and stir until the salt has dissolved. When boiling, pour in the honey and stir until the honey has dissolved. Pour over the rest of the water and set aside until the liquid has reached room temperature.
  2. Meanwhile, you can wash and peel the beetroot and turnips. Then, cut them in french fries style.
  3.  Peel and cut garlic into thin slices.
  4.  Peel the celery and divide it into four pieces. (flavor only, not eaten)
  5.  Layer turnips, beetroot, bay leaves, and celery in a big glass jar.
  6.  When the water has reached room temperature, mix in the vinegar and pour the liquid into the glass jar.

Store the jar for the first 3 – 4 days at room temperature, then keep it in the refrigerator. Lighten the lid if you notice that it has accumulated too much pressure


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