Quince marmalade (morabaye beh)


Super tasty marmalade and very easy to make! Please visit my blog for the recipe

I happened to come across quince yesterday and I just had to buy some! I bought a few pounds. It’s hard to decide what to make with the quince, Tas Kebab (Persian all in a pot stew), marmalade, or even filled like dolma! Yesterday we enjoyed (Persian all in a pot stew), and today I am making quince marmalade that I will have together with tea later today.
Like Iran, I serve marmalade in our home as a substitute for sugar when we drink tea.

Do not through away the kernels! The kernels of the fruit are excellent to brew something like tea, leaving it overnight in warm water, and drinking it the following day. It is the best medicine for cough or cold irritation on your bronchial tubes. That’s what Iranian mothers give their children.

Weigh the fruit and measure the same amount in sugar. You might think it is a lot of sugar – yes – but you do not need to eat a lot of it!

430 grams of finished crochet
430 grams of sugar
6 dl of water
1 – 2 tsp rosewater (optional)
Some whole cardamom kernels (put in a tea strainer)


  1. Divide the quince into 4 – 6 parts, core, and peel. Keep the kernels!
  2. Add the quince into lemon water while working – otherwise, it will get a dark color, which is not very appealing. t
  3. Weigh the quince and have as much sugar as the quince.
  4. Put the quince and sugar in a saucepan and pour so much water that it covers everything.
  5. Lower the heat as it starts to boil – remove the lid from the saucepan and let it simmer. Cooking time depends on how big or small pieces you have prepared. I prefer to cut the quince into small cubes. The fruit meat must be transparent, soft, and should have changed color. It takes about 60 – 75 minutes.
  6. At the end (last 30 minutes), you put some whole cardamom kernels in a tea strainer and put it in the pan. Pour the marmalade in clean glass jars, sterilize and label when the cans are cool enough to handle it.



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