Herbal salt

Super aromatic herbal salt that you can make yourself very quickly. The perfect gift!

My friend Stina and I send packages to each other; nowadays, I send vegetarian food, and she sends herbal salt, biscuits, and more. I became incredibly fond of the herbal salt she sent me and asked for the recipe she has received from her mother. Stina’s mother used to buy herbal salt until she decided to give it a try and make it herself. When I read the recipe, I understood what potential it has. It is an exciting technology – you can mix in what you like, but an ingredient that is the lifeblood of the herbal salt is lovage – you cannot frankly make herbal salt without it. Other than that, you can experiment freely.

Mixing everything is the easy part. Please notice that the herbal salt has to air dry; it takes about 14 days. Do not try to dry it in the oven with low heat! The salt will lose its excellent green color and turns brown, and above all, the aroma and taste disappear! Just be patient, and you will get a tremendous herbal salt.

You can buy dry lovage online. In fresh form, 15 grams is enough (according to the recipe); I used one tablespoon of dried lovage instead.

Ingredients for one kilo of herbal salt

100 – 150 grams of Tomatoes
15 g Lollipop (or 1 tablespoon dried lollipop)
25 grams Parsley (coarsely chopped
25 grams Leek leaves or onion pipes (I used 4-5 spring onions instead)
100 grams Yellow onion
20 – 30 grams of celery (especially the leaves)
1 kilo of salt


  1. Wash all the vegetables and allow them to dry.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into wedges, peel the onion and chop coarsely.
  3. Start by mixing the tomatoes either in a standing mixer or hand mixer. Then add the rest of the ingredients and run until you get a smooth mass similar to smoothies. It is worth the effort to mix the vegetables carefully.
  4. Now mix in the salt and spread the mass on a cookie sheet.
  5. Let it all air dry – it takes about 14 days. Turn it once a day with a spatula. The larger the area on which you spread the mass, the faster the drying process.

Pour it into jars and store it in the dark. Perfect gift!


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