Happy New Year!

Yes – now 2020 is almost over, an incredibly trying year for all of us with Covid pandemics and quarantine. In any case, cooking has become even more meaningful this year for us.

Order food online and get 20 bananas, for example, instead of 4, etc. – 250 grams of butter instead of 500 grams, etc. – you learn over time to be attentive 😊

Here is a list of my blog posts in 2020 – I think everyone can find something here.

I wish you all a happy end to 2020 and a Happy New Year – may 2021 bring health, joy, and prosperity for you all.


Fruit Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies for Anna
The best apple cake ever
Party cookies
Swedish Rimbo buns
A Swedish Dream cookie
A very yummy Swedish Love Cake
English muffins with sourdough
Dessert – Ice Cream
Yogurt and Doogh
Persian Saffron Rice Pudding – Shole Zard
Drink – Jam – Marmalade
Elderberry extract prevents colds
Blueberry marmalade
Strawberry jam
Fish soup
Food & Culture – Holidays
Celebration of Winter Solstice in Iran – (Shabe Yalda)
Fika – made in Sweden
Always present at the Iranian table
Persian food system
Sausage stew
Khoreshte Gheimeh – Veal stew
Parmesan meatballs with tomato sauce
Indian kebab with Pita bread
Salted ham hocks and Swede puree
Swedish Cabbage Pudding
Pork Loin
Karin’s kebab
Pasta – Pie – Sandwich
Quiche Lorraine
Swedish meatball sandwich
Pickling – Pie – Seasoning
Advieh – The art of seasoning in the Persian kitchen
Candied orange peel
Spices for Christstollen
Pickled lemons
Tomatoe paste
Pickled peppers
Orange zest – a MUST in the Persian kitchen!
How to get rid of the wax on citrus fruits
Pullum Parthicum
Persian inspired filled chicken fillet – Piccata
Orange Chicken
Everyday Piccata
Chicken Cacciatore
Tikka Masala – my way
The art of making Persian Rice (Polo)
Mung bean soup (Ashe Mash)
Starter – Salad – Dressing
Salad Olivier
Skagen Cheese cake
Wonderful starter with cucumber and feta cheese
Vegan – Vegetarian
Vegetarian and meat Börek – Graduation Picnic
Vegetarian/vegan Swedish cabbage pudding
Potato gratin
My version of Indian Dahl





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