Always present at the Iranian table.

Fresh herbs are always present at an Iranian dinner or lunch table.

Yesterday I had my dear cousin Alireza and his son visiting and tried some new dishes that I will publish eventually, but some things that are a must on the Persian party table are as follows:

Vegetable dish (Sabzi Khordan)
Walnuts (Gerdo)
Feta cheese (Panir)
Bread (Nan)

Sabzi Khordan is simply a combination of vegetables, and you can decorate it to your liking. Which vegetables or herbs can one use in this Sabzi-Khordan in Iran? You can have as many vegetables as you like – there are no exact rules to follow. Here I give you just a hint: spring onions, radishes, fresh basil leaves, and – or fresh tarragon and mint. You can combine and expand the number of vegetables, as I mentioned before. For example, some always have Parsley, and others have with Tarreh (a wild chive).
We eat vegetables as they are either with or without bread. Incredibly delicious.

Google on the words “Parsley, or the basilica characteristics, and how healthy these herbs are. It is an excellent thing to teach your children to eat it from an early age, so they do not have to take a lot of medicine later in life. Are you tired of “ordinary “Salad, you can try Sabzi Khordan instead! Also, we serve feta cheese, bread, and last but not least, walnuts. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and omega 3; besides, nuts prevent blockages in the blood vessels because they can reduce inflammation and oxidation.

The Iranians take the walnuts to a little “higher” level of taste by soaking it. It takes about 24-48 hours, but it is worth the effort. Start by choosing superior halves of walnuts, wash (rinse) it in water. Change water after a few hours. You will find that the water becomes quite yellow and in some cases brown. Change water until the water is clear. Please leave it in water, cover it with a lid or something else, keep it cool. You will love it! Eat a few at breakfast instead of taking omega three tablets! I have also discovered that the risk is less to get “tingling” in the throat when you soak the walnuts.



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