Swedish Rimbo buns!

The most delicious buns ever! The mystery surrounding this Rimbo bun has always been immense, and the recipe has been a secret for centuries. The inhabitants of Rimbo (Sweden) wanted the formula to be safe, and security measures took place to achieve that. No one wanted the method to land in the wrong hands and sold on Blocket (Swedish buy and sell site), eBay, etc. Continue reading “Swedish Rimbo buns!”

Vegetarian/Vegan Swedish Cabbage Pudding

This dish is a beautiful, delicious, and classical dish in Swedish cuisine. Very easy to make and a practical meal when you have to feed many people. I have now created a vegetarian/vegan recipe with no meat, and the result is just perfect; as a matter of fact, I like the vegetarian more than the one with meat! Continue reading “Vegetarian/Vegan Swedish Cabbage Pudding”

Quiche Lorraine

Quiche is never wrong! Wonderful lunch or even a light dinner. Incredibly tasty despite few ingredients. The classic quiche calls for smoked bacon. Here I have replaced the smoked bacon with ordinary bacon and smoked ham. It’s not diet food with cream, bacon, and lots of eggs, but it is incredibly tasty. In standard cases, you make a simple egg filling, but here I mix in some flour in the egg filling, which makes the mixture slightly firmer. Suitable for the quiche is a simple green salad with a tasty dressing. Continue reading “Quiche Lorraine”