Pickled beetroot

Beetroot is one of my favorites in all forms. We use to boil them until soft, then we grate them coarsely and mix it with plain yogurt.  Or eat it as a hot snack after boiling it soft.In Sweden however, the most common way is to pickle them and have it together with stews. Nowadays beetroot is a very common ingredient in salads, etc. Beetroot has been given a renaissance!

The benefits are many:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Better endurance
  • Good for the brain
  • Higher protection against diseases
  • Keeps the stomach in trim

Pickling beetroot is quite easy,  you cook it until soft and then you make a pickling liquid containing vinegar essence, sugar, water. The seasoning may vary, you may have grated horseradish, a piece of fresh ginger or sliced ​​garlic. Both ginger and horseradish increase the durability of beetroot.

Dare to experiment with adding herbs. It is important that you have clean glass jars – I put the jars in a 100 degree (Celsius) hot oven for about 20 minutes. Below you will find the classic recipe that I received from my mother-in-law once upon the time!

800 g – 1 kg beetroot
2 tsp salt
Water to cover the beets (about 1.5 – 2 liters)

Pickling liquid
3 dl vinegar essence 12%
6 dl sugar
1.2 liters of water
12 white peppercorns
4 pcs peppercorns
10 whole cloves
2 pcs bay leaves
1 – 2 cm grated fresh horseradish (or 2 tbsp ready-grated in a tube)


  1. Start by washing the beets.
  2. Place these in a spacious saucepan and pour on the water that covers the beets.
  3. Pour in the salt.
  4. Let it boil and then simmer for about 45 minutes or until the beets are soft. Feel with a knit.
  5. Meanwhile, mix all the ingredients for the team in a separate saucepan. Let it cook and cook for about 5 minutes. Put it aside.
  6. When the beets are ready, pour the hot water and rinse the beets with cold water.
  7. Put on gloves otherwise you risk colored hands! Peel the beets.
  8. Cut off the top and bottom of the beets and slice them, remember not to slice the beets too thin!
  9. Place sliced ​​beets in glass jars and pour on the hot liquid.

Put the lid on immediately.

Let it cool down a little before you put the jars in the fridge or if you have a cellar or other kind of cool place.

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