When in France!

I have missed you, dear readers! I have not blogged for a while – we have been to Paris and south of France to celebrate my niece anniversary.

We had so much fun! For her birthday we had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant in Paris – really old-fashioned good restaurant (Procope – 1686) with wonderful food, service, and atmosphere. They have a menu called Philosophe menu (see picture). The prices were okay – starter, dish, dessert for 38,50 Euro (equivalent to 38 dollars). The French have taken Gazpacho to a whole new level, my niece ordered green asparagus gazpacho, extremely tasty and refreshing.  Another wonderful restaurant that we visited was Aux Trois Mailletz It did not look much but the food was purely wonderful and on the plus side – they had live music and singer – wonderful old songs from Edith Piaf, etc. Absolutely worth a visit too.

Le Procope. Wonderful atmosphere and good food.


After 3 days in Paris, we took the train to Cannes where we had rented an apartment. At La Gare de Lyon (one of the train stations in Paris) we had lunch at Le Train Bleu, so wonderfully old fashioned – wonderful service and the food was exquisite. We traveled along the coast to San Remo and other places once we arrived in Cannes. Spent some days at the beach – every 500 meters there was a kiosk that served wonderful baguettes with tasty fillings, or hot croc monsieur – (a very good lunch) – with full service, wine, soft drinks, etc.

Le Train Bleu – Gare de Lyon, Paris

One of the highlights was a visit to a family-owned restaurant La Chaumière pricy but very nice atmosphere and exquisite food. The wine list includes a bottle of wine for 7000 Euro! It was very handy that they had valet parking. When you are paying the bill, they bring your car to the entrance… very nice indeed. A place where Grace Kelly visited often when she was alive. Many famous people have had dinner at this place – so all chairs are engraved with their name. I happen to sit on the chair of Jack Nicholson!

La Chaumière


On our last night in Cannes, we passed by a restaurant “Le Triskell”. What a surprise! Even this restaurant was family-owned – the food was extremely good and the service was impeccable. We were the last guest to leave – the owner seemed to like us – he brought a bottle of Calvados and sat down and talked to us about life. We had a lot of fun.

Le Triskell


September is a good time to visit Cannes – there were not as many tourists around as during the summer. The weather was very nice- we had only one rainy day in 7!

*****Le Pe rocope – 13 Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, 75006 Paris, Frankrike

****Aux Trois Mailletz – 56 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris, Frankrike

****Le Train Bleu – Place Louis-Armand, 75012 Paris, Frankrike

*****La Chaumière – 384 Boulevard de l’Observatoire, 06300 Nice, Frankrike

*****Le Triskell – 8 Rue Barthélémy, 06150 Cannes, Frankrike

Viv La France !

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