Wonderful vegetarian snacks – Fava Beans

Now is the season for wonderful Fava Beans in Sweden. I remember the days back in 1966 when nobody used this excellent vegetable or knew about the wonderful effects of it in Sweden. Nowadays even swedes buy fresh fava beans… so we have come a long way. In Iran, fava beans are used either as snacks during summer and early autumn or used in vegetarian patties or in a wonderful risotto together with herbs.  I will blog about the risotto later.

Fava beans are not only delicious but even loaded with nutrients.
According to Healthline 

  1. Fava beans may help with Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms
  2. May Help Prevent Birth Defect
  3. Contain Immune-Boosting Nutrients
  4. Beneficial for Bone Health
  5. May Improve Symptoms of Anemia
  6. May Improve High Blood Pressure
  7. May Aid Weight Loss
  8. May Help Lower Cholesterol

Fava beans are simply very good for you! Here is the recipe for fava beans as “snack”  in two different ways – a real delicacy!

Ingredients (for 2 persons) 

500-gram Fava beans
1 tablespoons salt (or according to taste)
1 dl Vinegar (or according to taste)
Angelica powder (available in well-sorted stores)


  1. Peel the fava beans.
  2. Put them in a saucepan.
  3. Pour water to cover the beans.
  4. Add salt and vinegar in the water.
  5. Bring it to a boil, lower the heat and allow to simmer for  30 – 40 minutes or until the beans are soft.
  6. Strain.
  7. Flavor with a little salt and Angelica powder. Allow cooling before serving.

Another method is to cook whole Fava beans with the skin on, do as above but with 60 minutes cooking time approximately and use 2 dl vinegar. It is easy to peel once they are cooked. I prefer to remove the outer shell or skin after cooking the whole fava beans as it facilitates eating, but you don’t have to :))
You will find angelica in well-stocked oriental grocery stores.



Fava beans natural look! Wash it before using it.

What it looks like inside.

Fava beans after peeling.

Fava beans after cooking with the inner skin still on – serve together with ground angelica

Cooked whole fava beans with skin on

Ground Angelica (to the left) Whole Angelica (to the right)




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