I love coleslaw, don’t really remember but I know we ate a delicious coleslaw at a restaurant and I asked for the recipe, it’s probably over 20 years ago. Received a recipe for several kilos of coleslaw from the restaurant. The recipe was added to my collection and I forgot all about it!

Found it a few months ago – unfortunately, I have no note on the name of the restaurant. Had to reduce the recipe and test it. Was really good. Sometimes I make it with mayonnaise dressing (as below) and sometimes I just mix the vegetables with vinaigrette dressing. This is a basic recipe which means you can taste and add more salt and pepper or other seasonings if you wish. This salad keeps very well in the fridge.

Ingredients for 6 servings
300 g shredded cabbage
300 grams of shredded carrots
3 ml salt (0,5 tsp)
450 g of mayonnaise
3 to 5 tablespoons concentrated orange juice.
Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash and shred the cabbage, put it in a bowl.
Salt it and put on a lid and leave it for a few hours.
Wash, peel and shred the carrots.
Squeeze out as much liquid as possible from the cabbage.
Mix cabbage and carrots.
In a separate bowl, mix mayonnaise, and concentrated orange juice, taste, add more salt and pepper until you are satisfied.
Mix the vegetables with the sauce and allow it to soak for a while.

Wonderfully good for several different dishes.


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