Persian plum compote (kompote Goje Sabz)


Recipe in PDF 

So simple and good! Persian green, sour plums turned into the most delicious dessert!

You have probably seen this excellent fruit in oriental grocery stores without knowing what to do with them. I’m not blaming you.

Goje sabz are green plums with fairly dense sweet flesh. Some Iranians enjoy this fruit when it is small, green, crispy, and sour with a pinch of salt. Others prefer to wait until the fruit is fully ripe – the taste changes radically; they become softer, sweeter, and juicy. I like to make a compote with the not yet ripe fruits; it reminds me of my childhood.
To my absolute delight, I can now find them in Sweden as well.

I was on a doctor’s visit the other day at Karolinska, then I took the opportunity and went to Mat Världen in Veddesta (Nettovägen 2–4), it is a large grocery store with groceries from all over the world. You can find everything literally here.

There is another similar store in Tensta with the same name (Tenstagången 7), I have only been to the Veddesta store; here you will find their website – worth a visit.
You can buy nuts, vegetables, Baklava – yes, literally everything. On Saturdays they also serve Turkish breakfast, there are long queues, so it is best to be there on time. Every time I’m in Stockholm, I take the opportunity to look in there and buy what I need. This time I purchased excellent Turkish peanuts with honey, sesame seeds, and Persian green plums. The nuts are delicious; I often eat them when I feel like I’m starting to get hungry—the plum I made a compote of, is simple and very tasty.

500 grams of green plums
1 dl sugar
3 dl water
1 stalk of fresh mint (can be excluded)


  1. Wash the fruit. Also, wash the mint stalks if you intend to use them.
  2. Measure out fruit, sugar, and water.
  3. Put sugar, plums, and water in a saucepan,
  4. Heat (medium heat) and stir until the sugar dissolves.
  5. Let it boil, lower the heat and let it simmer for about 20 – 25 minutes or until they are soft and you can see cracks in the shell.

Let it cool before serving. Store in the fridge; keep well over a week in the refrigerator.

You can serve it cold or lukewarm, with or without ice cream! Fresh taste. It could not be easier than this! But – watch out for the kernels 😊



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