Pressed Cucumber

This is a classic accompaniment that we simply cannot do without in our household. My mother-in-law Bojan Holvander used to serve pressed cucumbers together with Swedish meatballs or steak that was served on Sundays.

I asked for her recipe and she said: it’s very easy – you just need to remember a cucumber, one-part spirit vinegar (12%) 2 parts sugar and 3 parts water. Before serving you can choose between chopped parsley or chopped dill. If you have many guests, you can just increase the number of cucumbers and double the liquid recipe. I love these “old” recipes that you inherit! I always think of my mother-in-law when I prepare this classic accompaniment.

Tip: use the same liquid and put in julienned red onion instead of cucumber. Amazingly tasty and can be served just with anything!


A cucumber
1/2 dl spirit vinegar (12%)
1 dl of sugar
1.5 dl water
1 teaspoon (ca) salt
Chopped dill or parsley that you add before serving. You decide the amount yourself.


  1. Wash and slice cucumber thinly, I use the Swedish cheese slicer, or you can use a mandolin if you have it.
  2. Salt the cucumber slices and mix well. Put a plate on top and place something heavy over. I use my incredibly heavy massive brass mortar. The weight should be about 2 kilos, it is called pressed cucumber after all 😊
  3. Leave it for about 30 – 60 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, you cook a layer of vinegar, sugar and water, boil and stir until the sugar dissolves. Let it cool in your refrigerator.
  5. Remove the cucumber slices and discard the liquid that has formed.
  6. Put the cucumber slices in the layer and store cold.
    I usually do it the night before, but just a couple of hours works as well. Chop dill or parsley and mix in before serving.


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