Beef Butler

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Easy to make with few ingredients. A must try dish.This is a recipe from one of Sweden’s best chefs according to me. He was, as a matter of fact, the first Swedish chef that really made wonderful food with very simple recipes with exact measurements, which meant that you would always get the same wonderful result. He wrote articles about food in one of two major daily newspapers in Sweden (Svenska Dagbladet) for many years. He taught men how to cook!

One of the first recipes that I tried is Biff Butler. Few ingredients and very simple to make,

For one person

1 fillet of beef
400 grams mushroom (peeled and cut into thin slices)
0,5 dl white wine
1 dl heavy cream
1 clove of garlic
1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard or the mustard of your choice
1/4 of teaspoon salt (add more after tasting)
1/4 of teaspoon black pepper (add more after tasting)

  1. Peel the mushrooms and slice them thinly.
  2. Measure your ingredients and have them ready.
  3. Dry the meat on a kitchen towel and season with salt and pepper on both sides.
  4. Fry it in a hot pan in order for the meat to get a fine crispy surface. Put aside and keep it warm.
  5. Fry the mushrooms in the same pan shortly, it should not be too fried!
  6. Add the pressed garlic and mix well.
  7. Pour over the wine, mustard, and cream, mix well. Taste and correct seasoning.
  8. Let the sauce cook until it is quite thick. Pour it over the beef and serve with a baked potato.


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