Welcome to Fastidious Chef!

From not knowing what was going on in the kitchen during my childhood to writing a blog about food – well, that is quite a journey 😊 I was born in Iran where I spent my first 14 years. I moved to Sweden in 1966 as a student. Later I married my husband who is Swedish. We have two sons Pierre and Patrick, who are my affectionate critics when it comes to cooking!
We have traveled a lot and tasted a lot of good food. Now when I have retired, I finally have found time to do what I really like, to cook and see the people enjoy the food I have cooked.

I mix all kinds of traditions in cooking, Persian, Swedish, etc…
My signature is to specify exact measurements so that you succeed with my recipes. But of course, I know that the taste varies, therefore, it is important that you still taste while you cook my recipes so that you adapt it and make it your own.
Happy to have you here.

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